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How to use server textures




How to play with our texture pack

Welcome to our tutorial about: "How to fix/update our server textures". 


How to enable server textures:

1. Disconnect from our servers and select our server.
2. Click the "Edit" button on the bottom left side of your Minecraft client.

3. Press on the "Server Resource Packs" button until there stands "Server Resource Packs: Enable".

4. Reconnect the server and let the texture pack load.

If these steps didn't help please try the next steps.

 Resourcepack is not updating or stuck at 100% on downloading:

1. Go to options > Resource Packs > Open Resource Pack Folder.

2. In this folder you need to go back 1 folder and click the server-resource-packs folder.

3. Delete all the files in this folder (These are the old textures that prevent you from updating).

4. Restart your Minecraft and join the server.

If the following steps didn't work please try our video tutorial:
<YouTube link Not Available>

Else try disabling current texture packs you use in Options > Resource Packs.

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