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How to use server textures


How to use server textures?

Are you joining games without the server texturepack?
Here is an tutorial for all the people that have this problem.

Option 1:
- Disconnect from the server or go to multiplayer.
- Click 1 time on the server (Not the arrow at the icon or dubble click!).
- Click "Edit".
- Click on the "Server Resource Packs" button until there stands "Prompt" or "Enable"
- Join the server and the game you wanted to play. If you have set the 
"Server Resource Packs" to prompt you have to accept an popup on login.

Note: You can lag when you are going to join an game because the server textures are loading! Do not close your Minecraft.

Option 2, Manually install texturepack:
- Download the games texturepack from
For Windows users press the Windows button 
bottom left side of your keyboard + "r".
- Enter in the box bottom left side of your screen "%APPDATA%".
- Open the folder ".minecraft" and after that open the folder "resourcepacks
- Drag the downloaded texturepack to this folder you opened
- Open "Resource Packs..." on your settings and select the texturepack in the left menu.

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