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Rules are a way to improve the server a lot, Sometimes rules can be annoying but rules are there to keep the server clean. Without any rules, the chat will be filled with spam, capslocks. Also, the games will be ruined by exploiters, hackers en bug users. So here we provide you a list of the most important rules of our server.

Hacking / Cheating / Bug Abuse:
-  X-Ray
-  Movement Hacks
-  PVP Hacks
-  Misc Hacks
-  Bug abuse

-  Teaming
-  Spawn killing
-  Pretending

-  Swearing
-  Talking in capslock or spamming chat
-  Disrepecting players
-  Offensive against players
-  Threading players
-  Advertising (Youtuber or streaming ranked player are allowed to share their stream or channel)
-  Pretending
- Phishing
- Selling accounts or leaking someones personal information

-  Grieving
-  Using bots or alts for bad usage