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PerziosGuns is an amazing game on our servers that's been long around. This game is based on the amazing Call of Duty Ghost game. In PerziosGuns your goal is to kill players in maps from Call of duty and Black Ops and become the strongest player in the game. This game is not paid to win so you cant be weaker that somebody else this game is just purely for the strategies you choose. We have many 3D firearms and throwables for you to be used in our amazing maps by N11ck and his team. We also have cool features like Airdrops and Skin crates!

Airdrops can be bought in our webshop. If you have purchased on airdrop you can join a map and go to your 8 item slot and right click the item. Now there will be a menu. Search on the menu for Airdrops and click Start airdrop. You can receive errors like "You don't have any airdrop calls left." or "There are not enough players in your game." if you receive the first message you have to wait longer until your purchase succeeds and will be sent to the server. If you received the second error message you have to play with 3 or more players in a game. If use an airdrop call you will not be able to use it again until you buy more.

Skin crates:
Skin crates is a feature based on the game Counter-Strike, You can buy skin crate keys in our webshop. On purchase, you will receive the keys in the server, be aware that your purchase can take longer than 5 minutes. When you receive the keys you will see this in your Perzios Guns menu on your right of your screen. Now you can go to the Perzios Guns lobby and right click the Skin Crate Key. Now you will see a menu with 4 shulker boxes, click 1 shulker box and you will see what skin you received for what gun. If you won a skin you can play a game of Perzios Guns, if you are in a lobby of a map of Perzios Guns you can select your weapon. In your weapon menu, you will see a new slot open with your owned skin.