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PerziosCraft is a pretty old server, we have been online since 25 Juli 2015. That's a bit weird because our server is released in 2018 so there has been a gap of 3 years... Yes, that's a very strange thing, our server has been online for 3 years without ever being released to the public. The first half year PerziosCraft was a kingdom server, this is a game from a Dutch server but you had to pay to get into that game so that's why the owner decided to create a retro version of the kingdom. This wasn't a big success so the owner made a minetopia server, minetopia was another game from that Dutch server you had to pay for. This was a bit more a success because finally, friends of the owner played on the server. This has been going on for 1 year and it was boring because there where not enough player to play with. Year 2 started and the owner wanted a special idea for the server that wasn't stolen from other servers. He decided to create a Minecraft version of Call of Duty Ghost. The owner completed the game but never advertised PerziosCraft on the web so there were no players to play with. Year 3 was finally here and the Owner wanted a big server so he started planning and looked at other servers how they made their servers. The owner got some friends together and started building and working on a great server. And now the server is getting released in 2018.